Ten New Year's Resolutions

Thursday, 7 January 2016

I. Complete the Fifty Book Challenge
Although, realistically, I don’t think I will make it to fifty, I still want to try. I do want to read more this year, but I’m definitely a quality-over-quantity kind of girl. I want to discover more - pick up authors I’m not sure I’ll enjoy, step outside of my culture, wade into uncharted genres…. and, if I’m going to stand a chance at this, read shorter books.

II. Read Harry Potter en fran├žais
Last Summer I listened to the first four Potter audiobooks in French, and in 2016, I aim to complete the series, but in paperback form this time.

III. Finish Writing a Novel
I’m always writing, I always have been, I always will - but I haven’t actually finished anything in quite a long time. Even if it’s just for the sake of it, I really want to write something from start to finish this year. Abandonment cycles are unhealthy, and endings can be very insightful.   

IV. Journal
I was inspired by the famous Bullet Journal method to start a journal of my own this year. I’m a list person. I like to document things. I usually just keep track of my life on various Word documents, so the only real change here is transferring over to pen and paper - as well as setting daily tasks for myself, which I think will both aid and ail me.

V. Learn all the Countries of the World
I’ve always loved maps - we’ve always had this big colourful map stuck to our fridge - even now that me and my sister are in our twenties - and I’ve always loved staring at it. However, I still don’t know all the countries of the world, and I desperately want to. is my favourite educational guilty pleasure, and earlier in 2015, I took it upon myself to learn the countries of Africa, which was by far the continent I knew the least. It took a while, but I got there in the end. This year I’m going global.

VI. Be Better
We all knew this one was coming. I want to get fit. I want to feel better, sleep better, squat better, etc. I just want to be better to myself. I find exercising very daunting sometimes, but it’s something that my body needs, and I’m not taking care of myself properly if I’m not exercising.

VII. Visit New York
It is my absolute dream to go to New York. Travel is never easy when you're not working (especially transatlantic travel), and if I can't make it there this year, then I at the very least want to start a New York fund. 

VIII. Watch 100 Films
I find it very easy to watch 100 films in a year. However, I’m a big re-watcher. I think I watched Pride & Prejudice five or six times this year - which I find delightfully embarrassing. I didn’t actually discover many new favourite films in 2015, so, as with my reading resolution, this is my discovery year. I will continue to rewatch Pride & Prejudice, but I will make sure to watch 100 new films as well.

IX. Learn How To Use Photoshop
I have an interest in graphic design, and a pretty solid art foundation, so I think I’m ready to take the next step and actually find out what all those buttons do. The amount of times I’ve seen Photoshop listed as a skill on job postings is also definitely contributing to my eagerness.

X. Blog!
This might be pretty obvious, but I decided to start a blog this year. I’ve been looking at the blogs I like the most, and honestly, the ones I like the best and the ones I return to over and over again aren’t the professional daily content blogs. They’re the long form, personal, somewhat-intermittent ones. While I hope I don’t write too intermittently, I also know that I won’t write every week, or even every few weeks. It might take me a while to find a pattern or structure that I like. Twelve months from now, I’ll be happy if I’m still here, stopping by every now and then to say hello.