Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My friend invited me on a trip to Edinburgh with her a few weeks ago, and I had to decline. I couldn't risk missing any more college. And then, just last weekend, I realised that reading week was coming up - which is collegiate for a midterm break. I scolded myself for being an idiot and quickly booked my flights, and within a few days, I was awake at an absolutely ungodly hour, 30,000 feet above everything, on my way to Edinburgh. 

Now, no Harry Potter fan can visit Edinburgh without going to all those little haunts associated with the franchise - like the Elephant House cafe, pictured above, which is very pretty on the inside, but serves very mediocre food and rather obnoxiously milks its connection to J.K. Rowling. 

We went on the Harry Potter walking tour on our first day, and it was hilarious for both good and bad reasons. We were waiting at the group meeting point, wondering who our tour guide was,and when they were going to arrive, when a lanky guy in a quirky suit, odd socks, purplish hair, and a floor length black velvet cape walked around the corner. This was Richard, who was very cute and charming as he brought us around the various spots. As a proper fan, I already knew almost everything he told us, but it was still a fun experience. The "best" part was the magician that semi-accompanied the tour. He was funny for all the wrong reasons, but he was also what made it so memorable for us.

The castle itself is probably always going to have to be a must-see for any tourist, but it isn't worth its obscene price tag. However, it was still a very nice visit. And, as a fan of the costume drama trash that is Reign, I had a lot of fun pointing out any mention to Mary, Queen of Scots. 

We got lucky, and for 2/3 days of our stay, the sun was out and the sky was blue, so I didn't get to properly experience the infamous Edinburgh chill. Despite the lovely weather, we still stayed low and didn't venture up to Arthur's Seat. My excuse is that I could only fit one pair of shoes in my suitcase, and I was not about to get mud all over my black chelsea boots. Priorities.