Tuesday, 19 July 2016

This is not a travel blog (I repeat, this is not a travel blog). Yet whenever I go away I'm filled with an urge to post about it here, on this extremely neglected book blog (yes, that's what this is supposed to be - oops). 

Last week I went to Barcelona, somewhere I'd been dying to go for a very long time. What it lacked in Harry Potter inspiration it made up for in thirty degree heat, modernist architecture, and my forever fave - Amorino ice-cream. When in France last year I discovered the greatest sorbet flavour to have ever been invented - basil and lime (this is arguable). 

One of my favourite things we did during our week-long stay (besides the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella, as seen above) was go to an outdoor cinema - something I had never done before. We dined on pringles and watched Whiplash, a film that I had seen before and loved. I came out of it asking the same questions that I had asked myself the first time around (Is Fletcher a good teacher? Was that a happy ending? Is Neiman's final solo creative or destructive?), but despite the fact that it gave me no new answers, it proved itself to stand up to repeated viewings with minimal reductions in intensity. 

We stayed at the loveliest airbnb (sadly, not pictured above - I wish), and made the extremely wise decision to have Gilmore Girls on the TV at all times (or at least, down-times). We filled the beautiful mint-coloured Smeg fridge with far too much food for people who were eating out for every meal. 

Two food-based recommendations that I brought with me to Barcelona really ended up exceeding my expectations. The first was Milk - a small brunch spot that is very English-speaking-tourist friendly - but, as the guy standing behind me in line for a table remarked, is so good that the natives put up with it and eat there, too. The second was Maka Maka, which, being a burger restaurant, is also very much geared towards English speakers, but is delicious none the less. Neither of these places felt particularly touristy, although they definitely weren't anything close to authentic Catalan cuisine. We did try some Sangria on our last night, though - and I was pleasantly surprised by it! 

A rare sighting.
This might not be a travel blog, but travelling is when I'm most likely to whip out the camera, and also get some serious reading done - so some book stuff might be coming your way soon!