2016 Resolutions in Review / Resolving for 2017

Friday, 30 December 2016

Taking a break from the depths of essay hell to reflect on the resolutions I made this time last year (spoiler alert: I did not do all of the things) and also to announce my goals for the new year. As an aside, Shirley Jackson's We Have Always Lived in the Castle is a great book that I don't hate despite having to write 5-6,000 words on it. That's how you know it's a keeper. 

2016 Resolutions in Review

I. Complete the Fifty Books Challenge
I did this! I can’t believe it, but I made it to fifty. Honestly, what helped me read more this year than I ever have before was taking classes I genuinely, thoroughly enjoy. Having a reading list packed with books I’m excited about has been wonderful. 

II. Read Harry Potter en fran├žais
...No. Instead of reading the final three Potter books in French, I decided to listen to them in English, read by the amazing Stephen Fry. I loved listening to them so much that I don’t even feel bad about not improving my French.

III. Finish Writing a Novel
Sadly, no. Writing of any kind has definitely taken a back seat these past few years.

IV. Journal
Yes! I have successfully had not one but two journals this year - and I have loved it. I have recently moved on from ticking boxes to striking through words and I am truly obsessed. The feeling of drawing a line through a completed task is the most satisfying thing in the world. 

V. Learn all the Countries of the World
No! I completely forgot about this. I still love maps. I still want to do this. 

VI. Be Better
This one was in reference to fitness and physical health in general - and I’m afraid I didn’t pay it much heed either. It has not been a good exercise year for me. 

VII. Visit New York
No. However, at the beginning of the year I remember thinking that the cities I most want to visit that aren’t as far flung as New York would be Edinburgh and Barcelona - the two cities I ended up visiting in 2016. 

VIII. Watch 100 Films
I stopped tracking films about four months into the year, but I’m fairly certain that I did not watch 100 films. A few years ago I would have easily surpassed the 100 mark, but a lot of my film watching time has turned into either book or TV time. 

IX. Learn How to Use Photoshop
No! And I desperately want to do this. However, I no longer have photoshop, and I can’t foresee myself learning it anytime soon. 

X. Blog!
I did this! I never intended to blog regularly, I simply intended to have a little bookish corner of the internet that I casually maintain - and that’s exactly what I have done. 


Resolving for 2017

Graduate with a II.I
This is the fourth and final year of my undergraduate degree. In a way, it's the second of two final years, because both third and fourth year are taken into consideration for my final mark. It would be a dream to end my studies with a II.I, something that is by no means easy to achieve! I'm currently in the midst of the first round of essays, so - fingers crossed!

Complete the Fifty Books Challenge
Last year I didn't see this as a realistic goal. Having surprised myself by reaching and surpassing 50, I'm going to give it another go in 2017. 

Keep up my French
It's difficult to maintain a second language when you're neither in the country where it is spoken, nor are you actively learning it in a classroom environment. Besides the fact that I talk to my cats in French a lot ("coucou mon petit chaton"), I have seriously neglected it since leaving it behind last May. I have recently picked up a few French magazines, and I think that is a good a starting point. 

Work in a Bookshop 
I'm currently wrapping up my second retail stint, and while I can't say that retail is the ideal job for me, there's just something about bookshops that appeals to me. I'm still not entirely sure where I'm going to end up next year, but I would love to spend some time working in a bookshop.

I used two different journals in 2016 (one being your standard bullet journal, and the other being a formatted weekly planner), and for 2017 I have another new one: an Oh Deer daily journal. I'm excited to see what I can do with its format - it seems to lend itself quite well to habit tracking.

Attend Publishing-related Events
Publishing Ireland recently posted their 2017 schedule (here), and a lot of them seem to be right up my street. It's no secret that I'm interested in the publishing industry as a reader, a writer, and someone who might potentially go down that career path. I'm really going to be mad at myself if I don't do this one. 

Improve my Physical Health
Because it's not really January until you make yourself go to the gym.


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